Welcome to Version 3.0

November 26, 2019 - 301 views

After months of heavy development, I'd like to officially welcome you to Version 3.0 of CoastalSound!

It's officially 2020, and what better time to release Version 3.0 than at the beginning of the brand new decade? We're finally saying goodbye to the version 2.X series and replacing it with the almighty Version 3.X series, all the new features are listed below..

Apart from the obvious brand new feel good design, one of the changes we have implemented is the brand new radio player, simply click the play button and boom, you'll be listening to our radio station. you will also see which show/song is currently being played, depending on the setting the presenter has activated.

Our second change is the ability for our listeners to interact with us here on our website! - Listeners are now able to create an account with us (Click members area - login - create account) and can reply to certain news articles and pages by simply logging into your account and leaving a comment.

The third newly added feature to our website is the news section of the website. Our team now have the ability to add articles to the website to keep you updated on local news or updates to the website such as a temporary updated radio schedule.

We've also added a competitons system to our website, listeners can now take part in website based competitions by filling in a short form. - Users also have the ability to subscribe to future new competition alerts.

The website contains tons more of new features, for instance, local events & staff profiles. We'll let you figure out the other changes new to the website.


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